Brainstorming At The Crossroads

When Bluesbox Delux came to an end, we found ourselves at a "Crossroads".
What now? Frank Barbera  and I had been there many times with JD and the Ravens. Before the band ended we had been working on a new CD and it started as a Bluesbox Delux CD but it wasn't happening and didn't happen. So, Frank Kozak and I decided that it would be a follow up to the "Before The Night Is Through"

      "Before The Night Is Through" was my first solo CD but it was really the beginning of a collaboration between me and Frank Kozak that is still going on.
Frank not only played bass on all the songs but also enginered, produced and brought in Sean Peck to play drums and Pete Kuzma to play keyboards. So, the new CD is a Joe DiBartolo/Frank Kozak CD with Frank Barbera playing bass and singing back-up vocals on several trax as well as Ryan Huff playing drums on several trax. Frank Kozak plays bass, guitar, keyboards and percussion as well as recording ,engineering and producing the CD.

        We have yet to come up with a title but we are planning on getting the CD mastered and ready for release in the near future. All info about the new CD will be posted on The Bohemian Mechanics web site.

        The Bohemian Mechanics? Getting back to the "Crossroads", what about playing live? I suggested that we become an acoustic/electric trio and eventually sold both Franks on the idea even though I wasn't real sure if it would fly. We started rehearsing with me playing acoustic guitar, Frank K. on electric guitar and Frank B, at first on electric bass and most recently, on a Fender acoustic/electric bass. In addition to this, I had always been aware of the "foot stomping" that acoustic blues players do as an integral part of their musical performance so my right foot became our default "drummer". I have just recently purchased a Logarhythm MK3  made in England by a company named Logjam for "foot stomping".

          Brainstorming is what we did when coming up with a new name and, for us, a new approach to playing live in an acoustic/electric "format". Again, I came up with the new name and sold it to the two Franks( by the way, Frank Kozak will from time to time tell me I'm the "leader" of the band but I don't totally believe it). I was reading something about Multiverse Theories and Parallel Universes which I really don't understand( I'm having a hard enough time understanding the Universe!) when I came across the term "Bohmian Mechanics". As I looked that up I noticed that the term "Bohmian" had morphed into "Bohemian" as a play on words, I'm guessing?
That's when it hit me ....."The Bohemian Mechanics". In my mind the name conjured up "artist, musician, free man" and "machine" which is made of moving and integral parts that work together. 

          So with our new name, we started a new web site. As we were building it (the two Franks did all the work and that's why I'm doing all this writing) we started to re-think who we were. Obviously, we were an acoustic/electric trio but we decided to take a more eclectic approach to the material we played. From our combined experiences playing and writing music in all different styles, we decided to use that for The Bohemian Mechanics repertiore. In doing so it kinda opened a door for us that had been shut.  And now? We're not 100% sure of what we're doing but we're gonna keep on doin' it anyway!

            Hope to see you soon