Michael Marino wrote:  "We were glad we showed up at The Mercer. The show was great. You guy's rock'ed so many early Blues/Rock classics and the new arrangements on your originals are the best yet. "Trouble in Paradise" was especially memorable and I would love to have a recording of that version. It amazes me that I can see a show with musicians of your talent level and professionalism at a small intimate venue. The background and history commentary introducing each song was especially enjoyable and informative. I heard nothing but good comments from others in attendance. Please line up more venues and keep us informed. As word get around I imagine it will start getting pretty crowded so if there are ways to reserve seats, in advance, let me know that also. Hope the enjoy another one of you performances in the near future. Lisa Marino wrote: "Thank you! That was a blast-I have been literally craving the intimate gig scene that is now your band. Can't believe the ability shared between the three of you but glad you deem us worthy-please, please keep it coming! Ricard Fuscia wrote:  "Fun time, nice selection of tunes. See you again soon. Michael McLane wrote: "You guys were great. Daniel Brogley wrote: "It's great to see you and Frank still playing together. Buzz Jackson wrote:  "Glad to see High Heeled Sneakers is still in the song list!"  Larry and Debbie:  "It was a pleasure to be at the first showing of the Bohemian Mechanics.  The new sounds and     songs are great.  You guys rock.       ” - Comments on Premier Gig
Randy Chepigan:  "Gotta tell you, Joe. EVERY time I see birds on a telephone line (which is, y'know, almost every damn day), I think of this song (13 Birds). Good stuff. Vincent Maffei:  "What an awesome, heartfelt CD (Before The Night Is Through) that you will be sure to enjoy for years to come. Great melodies and musicianship throughout! A local master! Gene Micofsky wrote:  "Great record! (13 Birds) Made sure it was imported into my itunes library before i headed west.” - Comments On Music
    From, Mark Walters’s ~Joe, been listening to your CD in my truck a lot. The CD, the band/you are awesome! I am amazed at the diversity on this CD alone. I'm gonna buy a few more of your prior CDs. I'm sitting here having just played the song 'Imagination' for my son as a pep talk before his job interview. It was a perfect message to him as he continues struggling to find himself and a path forward to adulthood. Thanks again! James MatroneSeptember 25, 2017 · Have a listen to my good friend Joe DiBartolo, we've been into music since our childhood now with the Bohemian Mechanics, this is a beautiful and original piece of creativity check it out my friends. Royden Lippincott - Jim Murtaugh ( a close friend since 1970) sent us your group's CD, "Are We Having Fun Yet?. Listened in entirety last night. As they used to say on "In Living Color" " Men on Film" sketch, I give it "Two snaps and a twist". Seriously, excellent! Congratulations! 9/23/17 comments from our friend ,Randy Chepigan, about "Are We Having Fun Yet? Thanks, Joe! This is really great. I had already planned to buy it on the strength of the pre-release promo you had put out. (I still will; just haven't gotten around to it yet.) Not sure exactly why so far, but I like this even better than your other stuff (which I also liked, of course,) during the past 40 years or whatever it's been that we've known each other! Maybe it's the overabundance of great hooks; I'm always into that kind of stuff. Or hey, maybe you finally found the crossroads and sold your soul to the devil or something! Anyway, thanks again; hope everything's going great for you and hope the record is the huge success that it deserves to be! Valerie Wujcik - Great album!”