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  This is our first blog and the first blog I have ever written. So, hello everyone and please be kind! I'd like to talk a little about the band's history for those of you who know us and and those of you who have recently stumbled upon us (ouch!).
    Frank Barbera (aka Frankie B)  and I (aka JD) go back a long , long time.
I guess the band we were most proud of was JD and the Ravens having recorded an independant label CD , " Wild And Strange" and played in NYC at Kenney's Castaways in Greenwich Village as the house band every Thursday night (which was great) in 2000 something and then every Wednesday night (which wasn't so great , read "Ghost Town") in 2002 something.
    Frank Kozak (aka FK) and I met teaching guitar in a Turnersville NJ music store and until we become famous (just kidding)  are still working there !
The first thing we worked on was my first solo CD , "Before The Night Is Through".
We have been working and collaborating on music ever since . I guess it's been about 10 or 12 years ?
    As you may have figured out I'm not real good with dates and times and neither is FK but not to worry Frankie B is!
    Moving right along ,we went from JD and the Ravens to Bluesbox to Bluesbox Deluxe and now (insert drum roll even though we don't have a drummer) .......The Bohemian Mechanics.
      Well that's all for now. If you have any comments (please be kind!) or questions contact us via the blog or email.
      P.S.  For the next blog post I will  be writing about a little known and secret recording project we did a couple (?) of years ago called "The NJX demo sessions"
A clue for you all - check out FK's telecaster in our photo gallery.



2014-03-02 10:17:51 - JD
Not sure about song. I think you're referring to " My Second Wife". It's in the NJX archives somewhere(?) I'll talk to Frank Kozak and see if he can dig it up! Thanks for commenting and stay in touch.
2014-03-01 15:53:26 - Jim Corbett
Joe when I came up to Jersey a few years back you played me the NJX CD there was a song about a play ground is that song on any other CD's Jim
2014-02-08 09:36:15 - JD
Yo A.S., Thanks! You're not having drummer problems are you? LOL. Keep in touch and keep on writing and playing 'cause you got it Brother! JD
2014-02-08 09:02:56 - Anthony Shaffer
Glad to see that you don't need a drummer to be a great band! I like that you're playing a lot of different genres now (Not that I don't love blues!). My Thursdays aren't the same without you Joe! Can't wait to hear more music.
2014-02-06 10:02:25 - JD
Hey Tim, Good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment. The 2nd blog talks about the NJX demo sessions. We kinda went with playing and recording anything we felt like playing no matter what genre or style it was. As you know , Bluesbox Delux was primarily a blues band and now The Bohemian Mechanics will be playing a variety of styles for both original and cover songs. In the same spirit that we had during the NJX Demo sessions. Our limitations as far as not having a drummer and acoustic/electric instrumentation, we hope, will spark are creativity in a new way! Thanks and hope to see you in the near future. JD /
2014-02-05 18:27:23 - Tim Schnaare
Hi all. I'm VERY excited to see the next incarnation of the band. The music and songs are always stellar, and no doubt that will be the case with the Bohemian Mechanics! And I did notice Frank's Tele. will be interesting to read about those secret NJX sessions. My question (you did solicit for questions!) - what music do you find you are able to play in the Bohemian Mechanics that you maybe didn't get a chance to play as Bluesbox? Has the acoustic format opened up some music you've wanted to play live, but haven't? Looking forward to seeing you guys live!!
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