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 People always ask us, "What kind of music do you play"?
Could be a booking agent, venue owner, friends, etc, etc.
Well, we're  thinking about calling it , " Jersey Americana " .

Cheryl Botson Reardon on Facebook wrote ,  - Heard The Bohemian Mechanics at the Bus Stop Music Cafe a few times and think "Jersey Americana" fits your sound/vibe well... from the Pinelands to the Baylands... it's "down Jersey Soul"!

??? Jersey Americana???
To answer the question, our music has many influences and those influences define what we write , perform and record.
Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Soul , Blues, and Country. Growing up in New Jersey we were exposed to music geographically from the right , left, above and below us. Unlike Midwestern and Southern Americana, we also have the urban influences from Philadelphia and New York. We're also close to Virginia, Marlyland and Delaware. Also,Philadelphia was very big on English music as well, and so were we, Beatles, Stones, Zepplin, etc.
So ,we are taking all these ingredients and cooking up our own brand of music and calling it..."Jersey Americana"
P,L &H, 
The Bohemian Mechanics/JD

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