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After we created the website, I started a band page on Facebook. When I saw  the group pages, I signed up for four music related groups. Due to an innocent misunderstanding, I posted our music on one particular group page and received
a friendly message  that the group was for  music that was not heard very often, though they were commercially released trax from albums, records and CDs.
I was also told that it was not for self promotion from " Industry Professionals" like The Bohemian Mechanics. I obligingly and respectfully stopped, no problem. However I would like to "lovingly refute" the term " Industry Professionals".

  We are not "Industry Professionals" and as of yet,our music has never been heard on the radio. Ironically, if you are posting music from albums, records and CDs they are coming from "Industry Professionals" just not from the "IP's" themselves ( aha! Therein lies the rub).

  So to make a short story long.....I was happy to find that the other groups had no problem with this and also would like to thank the administrator  from the group I received the "cease and desist " message from who led me to the other groups.

Again, we are not "Industry Professionals"! We don't belong to any industry, we all have " day jobs" and families and our music is just another part of our busy lives.
We don't have a "Major Record Deal", sponsors, managers or press agents.
At this point, we do it all ourselves  and this is strictly a "Grassroots Effort".
What we are trying to do is turn on, make aware of and share our music to anyone and everyone who is interested. Right now all our music can be listened to for FREE !
So go on and listen, visit our website and Facebook band page and God bless everyone everywhere !

  Peace, Love and Happiness,
      JD / The Bohemian Mechanics

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