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  People always ask us, "What kind of music do you play"?

It's Been a long time since we/I blogged but ... here it is ...

     We've been spending a lot of time recording and have over a CD's worth of songs "in the can".   We will be releasing this material soon.  Secondly, We are looking to start performing live again with the addition of Shawn Robinson on drums.  We are combining our old Bluesbox material with what we have created with The Bohemian Mechanics.  

We call this blog page JD's Ramblin' Bohemian Blog so please allow me to ramble a bit.....

Making music is kinda like cooking, re; Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis.
We all use our influences, experience, memories etc. as our ingredients.

Fifty years ago, I was a  fourteen year old school boy living at a home for poor white male orphans.

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